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Business Accounting Software

At the core of every successful company, whether that company is a Fortune 500 corporation or even a small business, is good financial accounting. Without it, savvy investors will not even consider the potential of your business. Combining good accounting with high efficiency is a key part of the Accounting Software Group mandate, and is why we chose the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) as our business accounting software of choice. Managing your business effectively starts with the bottom line. Large corporate leaders depend on their accounting software to be 100% accurate as a simple calculation error could result in the loss of thousands of dollars. The ASG Financial Management System (FMS) ensures that numbers can be focused on with the priority they require.

Going Beyond Personal Accounting Software

There are many business and small business financial accounting software products on the market, which purport to provide an all-in-one business accounting solution. For many companies, including those with rather limited financial accounting complexity such as services or professional businesses, these out-of-the-box small business accounting software products can work. The fact is, small businesses have differing accounting needs to larger businesses, and these solutions are often the best available. But with complex accounting and reporting needs, these out-of-the-box accounting software solutions typically fail and fail miserably. The fact is, once your company grows beyond a certain point, and your accounting takes on a new dimension that comes with success, a new business accounting software package is often required. This is where the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) comes to play.

Large Enterprise Features, Small Business Price

A search for professional business accounting software on the Web will reveal some very important points. One is that with a professional enterprise accounting software solution often comes a extremely high price. In fact, some business accounting software products offered by major Fortune 500 corporations carry price tags beginning at $35,000, application alone.

What this number often does not cover it is installation, implementation and training. Once all of these costs are factored in, your business accounting software could end up costing you near $100,000. And we won't even start on the potential maintenance costs, some of which can go as high as six figures depending on the application. It's an issue that small to midsized companies often consider a dramatic drawback.

The ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is different. With individual business accounting software module starting at just under $600, this system provides all of the features and benefits a high-end accounting software systems, without the over-the-top cost. What's more, the training involved with the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is quite small in comparison to some of those larger level systems. This means you don't have to sacrifice your bottom line in order to properly account for your bottom line.

Getting Started Is Easy

Accounting Software Group offers a free demo of our business accounting software system direct from our web site. We encourage you to try the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) today and see just how easy this product is to use.

Simply click here to fill out our online demo form
, and get started in as little as five minutes. Or contact us today at the toll-free number above. Our sales representatives are ready to answer any questions or concerns.

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