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Keeping your businesses revenue, payroll, receivables and payables all in check is a critical point for most small to midsize companies. The fact is, small organizations must be agile and proper enterprise resource planning is actually much more important to the bottom line than that of larger companies.

Adopting a new financial accounting software application in your business is actually one of the most important financial decisions you are likely to make. The effect of choosing the right financial accounting software system can benefit you for years to come. Choosing the wrong financial accounting software system can mean years of hassles, high expenses, and a dead weight that your business does not need. But choosing the correct financial accounting software package for your business is simpler than you think.

The Simple Choice

During a business is growing stages, creating new efficiencies and reducing costs is incredibly important to keeping the company afloat. This is why Accounting Software Group offers the ASG Financial Management System (FMS). With its simplified Microsoft Windows enabled architecture, easy to use interface, and incredibly customizable features, the ASG financial management accounting software system is simply the most cost-effective financial accounting software product available today.

Offering the features normally available in financial accounting software and enterprise resource planning software packages 10 times its cost, this product was designed specifically with the small to midsized growing business in mind. All this comes with an unprecedented service-level, ensuring that adoption and implementation fast and low-cost. You'll experience the benefits of complete revenue accounting control

Real Service

Despite what many people think, competing with Fortune 500 financial accounting software companies is not incredibly difficult. Because Accounting Software Group and the ASG Corporation are small companies, we understand the needs of small to midsized growing company's better than these large organizations do. In effect, we walk a mile in the shoes of small business every day; we understand the problems and issues that come with running a small growing company. This is why we offer an unprecedented level of service with every financial accounting software installation we make. The fact is, 95% of our new business accounting software installs come from referrals, which means if we don't serve you today, we may not serve a new customer tomorrow.

So although the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is one of the simplest to use on the market, and features a robust architecture that ensures a rate of up time well above that of larger scale enterprise resource planning software, we understand that every dollar you invest in accounting software must pay its return on investment with much more vigor than that of a large company. Our high level of service delivers this return on investment, and ensures your numbers are always available to you at the click of a button.

Free Accounting Software Demo

We invite you to try the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) for yourself. We encourage you to compare it to other financial accounting software systems available on the market today, and demo it on your system. Because the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is completely Windows compatible, it can be used on any PC. Trying it for yourself will allow you to see the difference our software provides.

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