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Web Based Accounting Software

If you are running a small to medium sized business, you may not have the surplus to put towards a large staff. It is common for small businesses to lack an on hand professional dedicated to the financial aspects of your company. And while it is possible to succeed and even strive in this fashion, having a resource to better manage your costs can help take your business to even greater heights.

That’s way the Accounting Software Group has designed web hosted accounting software packages with small businesses in mind. Perfect for keeping track of your overall budget and all costs incurred, our web hosted accounting software system is user friendly and comes complete with on hand training and 24/7 tech support. Added features such as the option to fully customize your package to gear it towards the specific needs of your industry and growth, and third party integration ensures that your accounting systems is fully compatible with any existing software your company uses or will need in the future.

Our featured product is FMS an accounting software system based on a collection of advanced scalable accounting modules which allow for great flexibility and stability for your web based accounting software needs. The customizability of this software can be re-worked by our own staff of technicians as well as on our client’s end as well. There are no limitations to the direction that your business needs to take our software toward but the principles are solid enough to offer you fool proof tracking of your budgeting needs.

To learn more about our web based accounting software packages, contact us here. Or you can order a demo CD of our basic software kit here.

Web based accounting software features

While having a solid accounting software packages helping keep your finances in order, our 15 years of programming and customer service experience have helped us anticipate the needs of businesses ranging from fledgling companies just getting off the ground, up to established large corporations. We understand that the future of business is now and that the internet is vital for businesses of all sizes. That’s why our product features web based accounting software capabilities to correspond with your internet clientele’s needs.

Our software is compatible with all commonly used operating systems and programs. If you need to share financial information with clients or suppliers, our web based accounting software compatibility ensures that whatever is on your client’s screen will correspond with what is on your screen. The hassle and frustration of incompatibility will never be a problem again. And or built security system will make sure none of your data can be tampered with.

The Accounting Software Group has spent a lot of time building our software from the ground up, meeting the needs of our growing customers to ensure customer satisfaction. If you require a solid yet flexible web based accounting software system to aid in your business growth, contact us today.

If you would like more information on our web based accounting software click here. If you would like to try a free demo of our software, click here.

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