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Construction Accounting Software

Whether you’re building your construction company for the ground up or planning to expand, the Accounting Software Group has everything you need for construction accounting software. Creating and managing a schematic for your potential contract is made easier with our construction accounting software features.

Better plan an original estimate by effectively managing projected costs. Simply enter each individual cost and our construction accounting software program will create a database which will keep tabs on all materials so that nothing is reordered, and all costs are tallied up for you. Once your estimate is determined, keep track of job costs at every step of the way. With our construction accounting software, you can keep a tally of costs as the need for new materials arises, so you can always know where you stand in relation to the original estimate. Our revenue accounting is so comphrensive that you will never experience the nasty surprise of blowing your budget again!

To further aid your estimates and budgets for future projects, our construction business accounting software can keep track of the specific labor costs of your company. If you have a base labor rate, our construction accounting software can be set up to automatically include labor costs per hour, client payment plans, material costs and more. Making future estimates all the more easier to complete. Bills can also be divided into base costs common to all your projects and unique billing for costs incurred on a job to job basis. This is key for examining areas which require more negotiation in the original estimate.

Once you have everything ready for the job, all your information can be easily shared with your clients. Everything that your client needs to know and be accessed through our cross platform compatibility and third party integration systems. No matter what operating system your company uses, our construction accounting software is compatible with any operation system that your clients may use. And on top of that, whatever software you or your client uses in addition, is fully compatible. No more headaches about something working in one place and not in the other.

Further, our construction accounting software includes a payroll function which takes employees and union contractors into consideration. All the rates from apprentices to journeyman can be automatically set for your convenience. Union dues, overtime and holiday rates and all payroll related variables are included to make payroll easier to manage. Any questions that your workers have can be answered at the click of a button.

Finally, the Accounting Software Group believes in full training and support so that our clients get the best out of our product. We have taking a lot of time to hone our software to meet the needs of potential clients, and know all our years of testing and adapting would be useless if our clients couldn’t use our software to its full potential. We also understand that downtime is never good for a company. Our software is made to be user friendly so the hands on technical training that we provide can be done while your business is still operating. And should you run into any difficulties, we have tech support running 24/7 to answer and train your workers for any difficulties encountered.

For more on our construction accounting software package click here, or to try a free demo CD contact us here.

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