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Non-Profit Accounting Software

For Not-For-Profit Organizations - The ASG Not For Profit Edition

This not for profit accounting software application was designed specifically for nonprofit organizations such as churches, local governments, charities, hospices and others. (For-profit businesses have different needs; these are covered by our financial accounting software.) Because budget constraints are a critical issue for many of these organizations, this edition is particularly popular, especially considering its $595 per module price tag.

Here are just a few of its features:

Robust Grant Tracking Functions

  • The ASG nonprofit accounting software system offers superb automatic offset and additional fund maintenance and balancing features. These fund balancing features are virtually identical to those available on the most expensive accounting systems available today.
  • The system also includes out of box FASB117-compliant financial statements written in the popular Crystal Reports format.
  • All account types are specifically customized to fit nonprofit accounting classifications.

Non Profit Accounting Software Overview

Not For Profit organizations are typically managed very differently than their for-profit brethren. As a result, most for-profit accounting software systems simply do not fit the needs of the nonprofit industry. This is why, since 1980, thousands of nonprofit organizations have depended on ASG Not-For-Profit accounting software to precisely track and report their financials.

The ASG Not For Profit Edition is perfect for value-oriented nonprofit organizations, and provides the most affordable solution available today. Tracking funds and grants, as well as taking reporting to the next level is exactly what ASG was built for - and precisely why the software has won several industry awards.

Not For Profit Accounting Features

Precise Grant Tracking

  • Easily track grant activities through transactions such as Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables and more.
  • Funding sources can be traced, along with Core Object Expense and varying programs and activities.
  • Easily budget your Grants using the same criteria, or see the Financial Overview with the click of a button.
  • As the result of feedback from users, we have added 16 reports to ensure you can analyze your data simply and easily.

Auto-Offset With Additional Fund Maintenance & Balancing

ASG functions identically to many very expensive non-profit focused accounting software currently available. The Fund Balancing functions themselves are typically only available on these extremely costly systems. This way, your organization gains increased transactional flexibility for even the most demanding fund accounting procedures.

FASB117 Compliant Financial Statements (Written w/Crystal Reports)

Including Financial Positions, Activities and Year To Date Statements, as well as functional expense and cash flow worksheets.

Specially Customized Non-Profit-Specific Accounting Classes Include:

  • Pledge Receivables Inter-Fund Payables and Receivables
  • Cash and Non-Cash Items
  • Grants and contracts
  • Various Restrictions (Temporarily, Non, or Permanent Restrictions)
  • Program and Fundraising Expenses
  • And many more!

We recommend you contact us here for more information or click here to download a free demonstration copy live from the web.

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ASG Accounting Software is produced by Accounting Software Group, Inc.

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