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Small Business Accounting Software

Without a doubt, small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. Currently, small businesses account for the largest employment sector, as well as the most profit per capita among all of the companies in America. That's an important point, especially considering the glamour and prestige lump upon Fortune 500 companies.

But small businesses do have some limitations. Capital is typically not as available to them. Often, their ability to compete is strained by lack of this capital. As a rule, small business loans generally have stringent underwriting requirements and even the best small business credit cards are geared for cash flow, not large expenditures. Yet on the other hand, small business in America consists of some of the most agile entrepreneurs the world has ever seen.

At the core of every successful small business however, is good accounting. With the right financial accounting software, taxes can be reduced, in investors can be attracted, and the bottom line is kept completely in focus. Adopting a truly dynamic small business accounting software is critical to keeping the bottom line in check. The ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is just that - a high-end system developed with the small business budget in mind.

High-end features, attractive price

Although there a wide variety of small business accounting software products available on the Web today, many of these are far from customized. In fact, the out of box nature of most small business accounting software systems available today is often their biggest weakness - especially when any form of specialization is required. Frankly, for many midsize companies, the systems are far from useful. In fact, if your financial accounting features even a small amount of complexity, nine out of 10 of these small business accounting software products fail.

What you may need is a solution with real high-end features, ones that can be customized to your business is financial needs including enterprise resource planning, payroll solutions, and accounts payable and receivable functions. The ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is that product.

The difference is clear: the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) is a small business ready accounting software with high-end features at a very competitive price. Making the jump from small business accounting software to a mid range software typically includes a massive difference in cost. For the small to midsized growing business, these high-end accounting software applications are often out of reach. If your small business is one which cannot afford a $25,000 application fee plus maintenance costs often three times that amount over a period of five years, you may be considering one of these high-end accounting software products.

But why contribute to the profit margins of a Fortune 500 company when you can get the same features, dynamic benefits, and the ability to customize which you would not get from these large companies simply by choosing the ASG Financial Management System (FMS). With module costs starting at $595, you receive all the high-end features of these expensive small business accounting software applications without the incredible price.

Choosing a small business accounting software to keep track of your financials is important financial decision in itself. This is why Accounting Software Group offers a free downloadable demo of the ASG Financial Management System (FMS). The system is easy to use, and can be quickly downloaded and installed on a Microsoft Windows PC. In fact, you can be using the ASG Financial Management System (FMS) often within five minutes of download. How many Fortune 500 accounting software products can claim that?

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