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CPA Accounting Software

ASG Client Write-Up Accounting Software (for CPAs and their firms)

Today's CPA needs the best and most advanced financial accounting software tools to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive accounting industry. Using a system that guarantees precise tracking and reporting for any size organization is simply the only way. The ASG accounting software application is just such a solution.

The ASG system features a sophisticated General Ledger component, comprehensive After The Fact Payroll capabilities as well as a broad and customizable set of reporting features.

Some of the ASG Client Write-Up Accounting Software Features Include:

  • No Limit to the number of companies, employees, nonprofits, funds or General Ledger accounts.
  • Creation of unlimited benefits, earnings and deductions
  • Fill in or eFile state payroll forms automatically

Client Write-Up Overview

Client write-up is a critical and important service for any successful accounting firm. Providing this service with the kind of detail the ASG Client Write-Up System offers can provide your firm with the edge you need to increase your client base of small and large clients.

No matter the level of detail required, the ASG Client Write-Up can provide results. This is in part because the ASG Client Write-Up module is completely compatible with the optional Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation and Accounts Payable modules. So, you can use the system for your own firm's needs, as well as provide important in-house support for clients.


  • Spreadsheet like grid control
  • 32-bit object oriented programming in Microsoft Visual C++
  • Tiled interface which enables multi-window operation
  • Robust SQL Version 8 platform
  • Precise audit trail for all modifications or voided transactions
  • Copy ability and unlimited companies
  • Supports both cash and accrual accounting

Specialized User Features

  • Offers three specific keyboard modes, two for flexible mouse use, and one for those users that prefer numerical keypad usage.
  • Floating or fixed decimal choice
  • Comprehensive note system

Reporting Features

  • Integrates easily with the Synex F9 module
  • Available with an optional Crystal Reports module and customizable reporting functions
  • Multiple output functions including screen, printer and common file formats
  • Period based reporting
  • Data sensitive reporting
  • Robust sorting and selection capabilities

Browser Features

  • Precise search functions
  • Easily add master records during the data entry process.

Client Write-Up System Architecture

  • Coded in MS Visual C++ with a design specifically geared to the popular Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  • Additionally, by using client/server architecture, you gain the benefits of superb adaptability and network performance which is compatible with a massive range of network configurations.
  • Customizable Data Design Functions enable you to add or remove user defined fields depending on application.
  • Easy development and changing of custom checks, reports, W2s and 1099s with the help of the Optional Crystal Reports Module.
  • Includes a robust F9 Financial Report Writer which enables integration with other spreadsheet products for extremely detailed financial reporting.
  • Flexible import features enable data importation from the common CSV (comma delimited version) files, as well as other formats.
  • Strengthen this solution with PAS+ Import, which enables all PAS+ 5.x version data, including A/R, A/P, Payroll and GL functions.

Other beneficial features include:

  • Extremely flexible account number definitions
  • Powerful budgeting features with original and revised budget functions
  • Supports multi-period reporting (13 periods maximum)
  • Prior period comparisons and reports
  • Unlimited history
  • Enables quick integration with spreadsheet software for budget additions
  • End Of Year closing detail entry with automatic generation
  • Recurring, automatically reversing and allocated entries
  • Customizable account types
  • Easy to use manual line by line data analysis functions
  • Multiple-account types for special cases
  • Cash disbursements
  • Check printing
  • Void function as well as Un-Posting of GL entry batches.
  • Robust memo and notation functions
  • Standard reporting features including earnings reports, payroll items, check registers, tax history and audit reports, among others
  • Critical worksheets such as State and Local Withholding, SDI and 940 and 941 included with ASG.
  • Easy printing of SUTA attachments

Dynamic After-The-Fact Payroll Features

  • Detailed or summary GL entry capabilities

Unlimited customizable benefit, earning and deduction features including:

  • Salary Hourly
  • Reported Tips
  • Paid Tips
  • Piece Work
  • Commissions
  • Special allowances
  • Sick and Vacation Pay
  • Vacation Accrual and Advances
  • Medicare
  • FIT
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Advance Recovery
  • Company Loan Recovery
  • Non Taxable Loans and Expenses
  • Non-Cash Earnings
  • Union Dues
  • SUTA
  • EIC
  • FUTA
  • Other Deductions
  • EFT (Direct) Deposit
  • Detailed check printing
  • And many more.

Employee Functions

  • Detailed unlimited employee entry with customizable ID numbering and personal information (phone number) fields
  • Adjust beginning balances on any employee
  • History screens for QTD and YTD amounts for benefit and deduction calculation
  • User defined departmentalization

Entry Functions

  • FICA and Medicare withholding verification
  • Other withholding verifications, such as pension or insurances
  • Auto-voiding of checks and linked entries thereof.
  • Full 50 state support (including District Of Columbia and Puerto Rico)

End Of Period Processing

  • Customizable processing - monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Auto payroll processing for new quarter budgeting
  • Various critical W2/1099 functions and processing
  • Customize and print specialized W2 or 1099s with the optional Crystal Reports module
  • Also saves to data-print

We recommend you contact us here for more information or click here to download a free demonstration copy live from the web.

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ASG Accounting Software is produced by Accounting Software Group, Inc.

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