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Trust Accounting Software

The Accounting Software Group designs accounting software programs fundamentally for the purpose of basic financial management. But our software goes further than that. Through features such as full customizability and third party integration, our software does so much more. In customizing our accounting software for the needs of your specific industry or business, our software is perfect for any trust accounting software needs that your company may have.

Why you may need trust accounting software

Perhaps you run a real estate company, or are treasurer of your local elementary school. Perhaps you are a personal accountant of a growing number of clients and need a tool to help free up time to focus more on your client’s individual needs. The Accounting Software Group can help fill this need with the trust accounting software feature of our accounting software package.

Just as our software can manage all the financial aspects of your business, the same principles can be applied to keeping track on individual spending. Our trust accounting software can be easily customized to work with trust accounts set up for your clients and for your own company alike.

To learn more about our trust accounting software features, contact us here. Or, if you would like to try our free demo CD, click here.

Trust accounting software features

Full monitoring can be achieved to keep track of any monetary movement to be sure that your trust account isn’t accidentally overdrawn. Sending can be projected to protect against future overspending long before it turns into a problem.

Client billing becomes so much easier with check deposit and printing features with all records backed up electronically. Any transactions between you and your client are saved for any future need, and can be easily referenced at any time. Keep tabs on all established trust accounts either individually or compiled. Our trust accounting software features cover all of your trust accounting needs.

Because the Accounting Software Group has helped clients from the start of their company’s existence, we have watched them grow and developed our own software to fit the needs of a company at every stage of their development. The trust accounting software features of our accounting software package work great for any web based needs that you have. Share any relevant information with clients with ease as our trust accounting software features full compatibility with all major operating systems and programs. Whether your trust accounting software displays character based screens, or graphical screens, any computer that needs to read your data will be able to do so.

If your company requires trust accounting software, the Accounting Software group offers a fully customizable package with hand-on training and 24/7 tech support. Monitor all trust account activity and keep tabs on finances at every level that you need. Contact us today.

To get more information on our trust accounting software features contact us here. To order a free demo CD, click here.

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