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Call Accounting System

The fully customizable financial accounting software programs from The Accounting Software Group are made with each individual business in mind. Finances are a part of any business, and fundamentally, that is what our software focuses on. But what good is a business accounting software package if it is just designed for generic financial management? The Accounting Software Group believes that the key to a great accounting software system is one that can be honed to meet the individual needs specific to both the type of industry and to the actual business itself. Not all construction companies are the same.

That’s why we’ve designed our software with full customizability in mind. No matter what your company specializes in, no matter what unique needs you have, our software system can be modified to easily handle those needs.

But why stop there?

Why not allow for our clients to further break down the categories of our accounting software’s capabilities by creating sub-categories of accounting tasks. Even in the advent of computer reliance, most companies still need telephones to thrive. And by creating a call accounting system category with our accounting software, you can effective manage your telephone activities and costs through the same principles by which you can manage everything else.

There is specific software out there which can manage and monitor the telephone costs and activity of your business. With a basic call accounting system together with our accounting software, you can maximize your telephone costs and efficiency. Because of the third part integration element of our accounting software, you can use a call accounting system in conjunction with our accounting software system to get all the data on your company’s telecommunications activity and then factor it in on our basic overall accounting management software. Keep track of the duration of calls, where calls are being made and by which employees, then keep track of this data in relation to the projected costs and profits of your business.

To find our more information on getting the right call accounting system for your business click here. Or, if you would like to try a demo of our accounting software, click here.

The bottom line is that while calls are vital to a company, they can be managed and maximized for efficiency just like any other aspect of business. At the Accounting Software Group, we try to foresee every aspect of your business and find a way to manage it more effectively. And we ensure that our accounting software is malleable enough to include other efficiency maximizing products such as a call accounting system, or revenue accounting.

We know that you have a business to run and need to focus on the specialization of that industry. Accounting is necessary for a business to succeed but getting to bogged down in the accounting management department can negatively affect your specialization. Accounting management is our business and we try our best to make is easier for you. So when it comes to training your employees and integrating our software system into your company the transition is made to be as easy as possible. Minimum downtime and full 24/7 support are part of our customer service motto.

To learn everything you need to know about a call accounting system, contact us here, or try our free demo CD by clicking here.

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